Golden D.A.V.E.
HomeplaceM.M's Backyard (Battle of Fate), Utopia (Battle of Fate 2)
Friend(s)M.M, C.A
Enemy(s)Zrargho the Legendary, Cookie


A being created by Chuck Pokey in Chapter 12 (Lost) of the first Battle of Fate. He is extremely intelligent but never shows it.


Monster MasterEdit

As his owner, Monster Master took good care of him in their time together. Golden D.A.V.E. is loyal to him, as a master and as a friend.

Colossus AlphaEdit

They were friends, but they do not show it much.

Chuck PokeyEdit

As his creator, Chuck Pokey gave him the Pendant of Fate. Upon giving it, he said, "Infinity shall swallow your shell of weakness and impurity. It is a pendant that can diminish all evil when true power was realized."


Blitz Mode Striker ModuleEdit

It has the ability to set his Rocket shooting at a high speed, without overheating the Rocket launcher.

Pendant of FateEdit

This was used in the end of Battle of Fate. With tremendous holy power, it's wielder becomes pure but by doing so loses his memories.

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